Access to deep ocean Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and their technology has traditionally required considerable infrastructure and support. Deep Sea Vision provides cutting edge survey equipment operated from shore or the clients platform. We deliver quality controlled data and remove the concerns over team and system infrastructure.


Deep Sea Vision has specially modified the HUGIN 6000 to allow for a scan width of 1500 meters - a capability completely unrivaled in the market.

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Deep Sea Mineral Mapping

State of the art HISAS, Synthetic Aperture Sonar allows Deep Sea Vision to visualize polymetallic nodules at full sonar range whilst simultaneous camera and multispectral data allow a full appreciation of the environment.

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Government Support

Deep Sea Vision is an American company approved for import and export from all friendly countries. We provide a variety of confidential activities related to seafloor mapping.

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Deep Sea Cable and Pipe Route Surveys

Having delivered the longest route surveys in the southern hemisphere we are equipped to handle pre and post lay projects globally. From pipe tracking to depth of burial we provide the most advanced deliverables available.

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Habitat Mapping

Deep Sea Vision are consciously aware of the challenges presented in the deep ocean. Using our AUV platform we have survey techniques to better evaluate subsea habitats and better understand the impact from human influence.

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Bathymetric Seabed Mapping

Deep Sea Vision provide safety of navigation, scour monitoring or general bathymetric mapping with AUV. Using traditional Multibeams and Synthetic Aperture Bathymetry we surpass area coverage rates from conventional mapping.

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HUGIN 6000 – Systems and Payloads

The Kongsberg Discovery HUGIN 6000 is the worlds most proven AUV solution and renowned for its system intergation. Rather a complete integrated development than a sum of parts the HUGIN provides access to not only the most advanced autonomy systems but the most advanced payloads. Our specialty is in providing custom solutions adapted for the vehicle whether through modficiation of existing payloads or the adaptation to our clients.

Fully self-contained for vessels of opportunity

The complete Deep Sea Vision AUV systems are housed in ISO Containers providing all Launch, Recovery and Control systems within a modular package. Operated from shore or a vessel of opportunity clients always have easy access to a turn key portable solution.

Battery Technology

Time spent surveying versus time swapping batteries on deck is referred to as the “Operational Duty Cycle” and governs any project costs. Deep Sea Vision using the latest in battery technology with streamlined turnarounds have maximised this duty cycle. Demonstrable results achieving in excess of 90% versus the traditional 60.

HISAS - Synthetic Aperture Sonar

HISAS is the most advanced sonar available in the world today. Through collaboration with Kongsberg Discovery, Deep Sea Vision use next generation APEX processing chains to deliver on synthetic Imagery and bathymetry introducing new efficiencies to industry. Alway looking to deliver gains to the end client this SAS methodology can be tuned to suit the client, something unique to Deep Sea Vision.

EM2040 Mk2 Multibeam Echosounder

The next generation EM2040 allows wider coverage, higher frequencies and multispectral data ideal for Habitat and Mineral Mapping. For research clients Deep Sea Vision can create bespoke frequency tables allowing fine tuning for any scenario.

Edgetech SBP

An industry standard, the system runs wideband FM signals providing optimal insight into subsea stratigraphy. It offers users access to the real and complex component of the data enabling the most accurate deliverables.

CathX Colour Camera and Laser

A combined ultra high resolution colour camera offers crystal clear imagery of the seafloor. The camera coupled to the laser solution provide mm level microbathymetry coregistered and merged to the navigation solution.

Our Projects

Search for Amelia Earhart

AUV training in Australia

Deep Sea Minerals - Pacific

Our Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Craig Wallace

President of Operations

John Haig

Offshore Manager

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Project Manager

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Project Manager

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IT Manager

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